We are members of, and we serve the LGBTQ+ Community in the Greater Battle Creek Area. We provide a safe and welcoming Resource Center for the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies, we provide education, support groups, community outreach programs, referrals and social activities.

We advocate for LGBTQ+ issues and concerns and advocate against discrimination for all marginalized people.


To promote cooperative efforts for social activities, to support non-political causes of importance to LGBTQ+ people and to promote the general well-being of the LGBTQ+ Community.

Board Member Biographies


Deana Spencer


Deana , our current President, works as a Branch Sales and Service Associate at PNC Bank and is a lifelong resident of Battle Creek. She has three adult children and enjoys spending time with her partner Kim. Deana is committed and continues to work toward equal rights for the LGBTQ Community and all people. She is dedicated to making Battle Creek a more diverse and accepting city and embraces its rich history and all it has to offer. Deana loves to volunteer her time for her community and is always seeking ways to grow Battle Creek Pride.

Contact Deana at deanaspencer@battlecreekpride.org


Abi Fukuyama


Abi, currently a freshman at Kellogg Community College (KCC), is BC Pride's current Vice President and is also involved in many other things in the Battle Creek community. They are President of the Youth Advisory Board of Battle Creek (YAB). They were the president of Lakeview's GSA their last two years of high school and also served as a student advisor on both Lakeview's SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative For Transformation) team and Reproductive Health Advisory Board.

Contact Abi at abifukuyama@battlecreekpride.org

Ian Gallagher

Ian, has a background in Criminal Justice. He has experience in running his own business and was the owner of Homer Entertainment in Homer, MI. He moved to Battle Creek in 2009. He continues to strive to promote equality for all LGBTQ people in the Battle Creek Area. Ian is a very strong advocate for HIV/AIDS education and resources.

Contact Ian at iangallagher@battlecreekpride.org




Andy Helmboldt


Andy is is married with two young daughters. Andy's wife, Stacy is the principal at Prairieview Elementary. Andy was the leading City Commissioner to introduce Battle Creek's non-discrimination ordinance. Andy is committed to working toward a culture of true equality, where everyone has a say in their own destiny and a voice in the world round them.

Contact Andy at andyhelmboldt@battlecreekpride.org


Deb Brunner

Deb has lived in Battle Creek for the past 35 years. She is a graduate of Battle Creek Central, and earned her Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University. For the past 19 years she has been employed at the Battle Creek Veteran's Administration (V.A.) Medical Center as a Social Worker She has many years of experience with the PTA, both on local and regional levels, advocating for all youth. Deb currently is a volunteer and staunch advocate for Sexual Assault Services in Battle Creek. She has two grown children and has been an ally to the LGBTQ community for many years.

Contact Deb at debbrunner@battlecreekpride.org


Denise Jones

Denise is co-founder and President of Graphix 2 Go, Inc., and she serves as a board member for the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce. She is also President of the West Michigan LGBT Chamber of Commerce and former President of First Congregational Church Council. Denise earned the 2017 Outstanding Woman in Business award from the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce. Denise grew up in Battle Creek and is married to her wife of 29 years, Kim.

Contact Denise at denisejones@battlecreekpride.org



James "Jim" Haadsma


When Jim is a Worker’s Compensation and Social Security SSI attorney with McCroskey Law, P.L.C. and has been with the firm since 1987. He is a former District 3 Calhoun County Commissioner and serves on many non-profit boards and organizations including the NAACP, Southwestern MI Urban League, Art Center of Battle Creek, Battle Creek Kiwanis Club, and the Haven of Rest Board. Jim believes that every person is entitled to the same rights as the next person. When Jim Haadsma’s 4 children were young, Jim would read them the illustrated story, The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark, about how the king of Denmark stood up to his country’s occupiers by declaring that every Dane was entitled to the same rights as the next Dane.

Contact Jim at jimhaadsma@battlecreekpride.org



Lynnette "Lynn" Rich


Lynn is is a happily retired proofreader, paraprofessional and clerk- cashier. After 50 years of work, she decided to become more involved in the social justice movement in Battle Creek. Becoming an active member of The First Congregational Church, Black Lives Matter and Battle Creek Pride has certainly fulfilled her desire to make a difference in others’ lives. Lynn and her wife have fostered many children throughout their lives making a difference in the lives of young people. She and her wife, Toby Haughey have been together 27 years.

Contact Lynn at lynnrich@battlecreekpride.org



Nancy Kenny


My name is Nancy Kenny and I have lived in Battle Creek for the past 12 years; originally from Lansing. I have two adult daughters, and one grandchild. My employer for the past 14 -1/2 years has been DENSO MMI. This is my first year of being on the B.C.PRIDE Board.Over the years I have been a supporter and follower, volunteering and helping out when possible. "Excited for the upcoming PRIDE year!"

Contact Nancy at nancykenny@battlecreekpride.org



Ashley Feagin


Ashley Feagin is an working artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Albion College specializing in photography, video art, and performance/installations. Ashley and her spouse live in Battle Creek and have a son in the Battle Creek Public School system. Ashley passionately advocates and is committed to working towards inclusivity and equity for all. She is excited to join the board and hopes to contribute new and fresh ideas to support and grow the queer community in Calhoun County.

Contact Ashley at ashleyfeagin@battlecreekpride.org


Elaine Hadley


Elaine: A life long Battle Creek resident, US Army Veteran, retired Federal employee. I desire to serve because BC PRIDE is a vital resource not just to the LGBTQ+ community, but to the community as a whole. We need to show we are here, we matter, and we are a valuable asset to Battle Creek. Personally, I'm a mom of one and a granny of five. Loving retirement, loving travel, particularly to Canada. Also love hiking, kayaking, and hoping to fulfil a bucket list item by hiking a portion of the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2019.

Contact Elaine at elainehadley@battlecreekpride.org


Terry Burleson


Terry works at the Battle Creek Community Foundation as a College Access Network Program Manager. He works with students in the greater Battle Creek area to ensure they acquire the knowledge, resources and skills to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors. Terry also co- administers the Legacy Scholarship while assisting in the development of college and career programming. Terry served as a long-term substitute teach in the Battle Creek Public Schools as well as a College Adviser with the Michigan College Advising Corps. A resident of Battle Creek, Terry graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Spanish; Urban and Community Studies. In his spare time, he also coaches high school students in competitive speaking and acting. Terry is committed to creating a culture in Battle Creek where all people feel proud, confident and welcome.

Contact Terry at terryburleson@battlecreekpride.org


Tina Germinder-Metzger


Tina, mother of two and wife to my soul mate Dusty/Davina. I am a member of First Congregational Church ( Koinonia) I work at Garden of Dreams as the after-school and Camp Just - Us program Developer and Director. It is a social justice camp that focuses on living authentically and creating positive change for marginalized communities. I am a lifetime Girl Scout member and leader who enjoys theater.I am motivated to help all communities be seen for their strengths and be respected.

Contact Tina at tinametzger@battlecreekpride.org